So what is Sprout fed meat?

Our cows are free range grass fed cows, which means they are free to roam the paddock grazing at their leisure and doing what normal cows should do.

Our cows have the added luxury of being fed a highly nutritious and great tasting biscuit of sprouted barley every day, which they absolutely LOVE! Its often a race to quickly get in the gate before the cows all run out to eat it off the back of the trailer.

The sprouted barley biscuits are grown organically in a hydroponic system which regulates water, temperature and promotes healthy, nutritious and fast growth of the barley, from seed to feed in 5 days. Aside from our cows loving their daily biscuits of sprouted barley it has many other benefits too.

As the barley is grown in a controlled environment it uses less than one millionth the amount of water that would be required to grow the same amount of feed in the paddock. The cows also eat the entire biscuit which is why it is so nutritious as they get the goodness from the seeds to the leaf and everything in between but also means there is NO wastage.

This allows us to have the least amount of impact on the land and the environment and also means we can grow and provide the same nutritious feed for our cows and quality meat for you all year round.

So our cows LOVE it and we have little environmental impact, so whats the benefit to you?

It’s as simple as you are what you eat, eats!

Because our cows are fed nutritious and organic feed, the meat you eat will be just the same. The sprouted barley makes for a healthy, nutritious, tender and tasty meat that no other feed can provide. Our meat is hormone free and ethically raised with our cows leading a stress free life on the farm.

It really is as the saying goes, ‘You don’t know till you try’ and we believe that no amount of talking about how great it is will prove it till you’ve tried it.

So why wait, head on over to our products page and order some of your own sprout fed meat for yourself!

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