Feeding Process

Sprout Fed Beef

As we have already mentioned in previous posts, our cows are 100% free range with the added luxury of being fed highly nutritious and tasty sprouted barley biscuits daily. 

Feeding the cows the sprouted barley is a 4-6 hour long process, and although its not all hands on during that time, it does require us to be organised. New barley seed needs to be put in to begin growing and the finished product taken out and fed to the cows each day. 

The process starts with soaking the grain, where buckets of barley seed are placed into a large tub and soaked for a minimum of 4 hours, which kick starts the germination process.

After the barley seed has been soaked, its then placed onto individual trays inside the growing unit and already after about 12 hours inside the machine you can see it starting to shoot. This hydroponic system regulates water and temperature for optimal growth and also has red and blue changing lights for photosynthesis, which helps to turn the leaf turn green and pack it full of nutrients. 

The seed will stay in here for 5 days before its ready to be fed out. It still amazes me how it can go from seed to feed in 5 days! 

After the seed is fully grown and is now a lush biscuit of sprouted barley, it is then taken off the tray, onto the trailer and fed to the cows who always hear us coming and wait not so patiently at the gate. Often as soon as we open the gate they all come running out to eat it off the back of the trailer before we get a chance to feed it out.

The sprouts are consistent with a normal cows diet, meaning they can digest and utilize the nutrients better than dry grain leading to a happier and healthier cow. Its also packed with omega-3 and vitamins A, E, C and B complex, which is passed into the meat we consume, another benefit for us!

The finished product is nothing short of amazing, from the dense root mat to the leafy greens at the top it’s one nutrient packed biscuit and its no wonder the cows love it. And although it is a daily process, we know that at the end of the day we have happy, healthy cows and tasty, tender and healthy meat, what more could you want! 

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