Free Delivery to Sunshine Coast & North Brisbane

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We are a local small farming family located on the Sunshine Coast. We raise and finish all our own free range sproutfed beef that’s fresh, tender, great tasting and healthy. 

Not only do we offer fresh and healthy sproutfed beef, but we also deliver it to you packaged in meal size portions so you can place it straight into your fridge and freezer. By buying your meat in bulk we can save you time and money with no daily or weekly trips to the supermarket wondering what’s for dinner, plus the more you buy the more you save! So why not stock up the freezer with quality healthy beef or share it between friends and family.

We also offer free delivery to Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane areas, so you can get quality sprout fed meat delivered fresh to your door at an affordable price.

Why Us

Free Range

Our cows have access to green pastures and are fed barley sprout biscuits daily

Quality Control

We raise and finish all our own meat to guarantee consistency and quality fresh meat

Nutritional Benefits

Our beef is a great source of Omega-3, 100% Hormone free and also Gluten Free


Explore our family-friendly recipe ideas for those cuts of meat you might not always use.


Our cows are fed sprouted barley which is grown organically in a hydroponic system. Not only do our cows LOVE it but there are many added benefits to not only the cow but the environment too.

Our cows eat one of the most nutritious forms of food as they consume the entire barley sprout biscuit by eating the roots, seed and leaf.

Our cows are provided a healthy and sustainable diet with little to no illness compared to grain fed cows.

We use less than one millionth of a percent of the water required to grow the same feed in the paddock.

Free Delivery

Covering Sunshine Coast & North Brisbane areas


Quality beef for your enjoyment


There is a package to suit everyone and we can also quote prices on any custom orders.